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Mukashigokoro no Yado, Kanemidori


162 Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County

Telephone number



About 30 minutes by JR bus from JR Agatsuma Line Naganoharakusatsuguchi Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal exit About 5 minutes on foot from Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal

Pick-up presence (condition)
There is a pick-up service to Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal. Request contact after arrival at the bus terminal.
(Transfer to Naganoharakusatsuguchi Station is not possible)
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Kanetsu Highway to Niigata area ~ Shibukawa Ikaho IC ~ National Route 17 to Niigata Route 145 via Route 353 About 90 minutes

    Access method 2: Nagoya
    Chuo Expressway to Joshinetsu Road Via Nagano Road Ueda Sugadaira IC - Route 144 towards Tsumagoimura towards Tsumagoimura Prefectural Route 59 via Route 292 for approximately 75 minutes


    The hotel is located in a difficult to understand location so I will guide you by phone.
  • Access from entering into the Kusatsu Town

    Yu-batake central part of the town near the Yu-batake is like a labyrinth, and there are many narrow roads and one-way streets, and it is somewhat difficult for people who come to Kusatsu Onsen by car for the first time to reach this hotel.
    If you enter the town, we will guide you by phone so please feel free to contact us. Tel: : 0279-88-2522

    So, I will explain the access from entering the town when coming by car.
    Be sure to Yu-batake the signal of "Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal" towards "Yu-batake Pass".
    Next you can see it on the right hand in about 100 meters【Chichiya Manju Store】Turn right, again soon we will turn right at "Imai barber shop".
    【Chichiya Manju Store】Have passed past【Yu-batake】It will go too far if you go to, you will not be able to return the same road, please be careful.

    There are many things that you intend to invade from "Ryokan Ikuinso" along the Route 292 and "Shimizu Tatami Shop" like a part of car navigation, but please avoid absolutely because the road becomes narrower .Also, if you are coming to Kusatsu Onsen for the first time, and you can set up car navigation in advance, please do not set up "Kanemidori" but instead set up "Kusatsu Onsen Bus Terminal" and come as above Is recommended.

    Supplement: Even if you visit the hotel / inn near you including the hotel, contact accidents, etc. caused by forcedly traveling a narrow road in the Yu-batake area or within the town are occurring.Please be careful when you visit us.
  • When coming by train / bus

  • Limited express from Ueno · Takasaki · Station train timetable

    ※The timetable link: Kusatsu Onsen Tourist Association Site Yu Love Kusatsu Reference
  • Time table Joshu Yu-meguri Go Shinjuku start Expressway Bus Joshu Yu-meguri Go

    ※The timetable link:JR Bus Kanto Co.,Ltd Digital timetable reference
  • Bus route timetable from Karuizawa

    ※The timetable link: Kusatsu Onsen Tourist Association Site Yu Love Kusatsu Reference