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Kusatsu hot spring in Gunma prefecture has long been known as a famous hot spring in Japan and is still crowded with tourists as a representative hot spring sanatorium.Edo (time period) hot spring resort that rises from the Yu-batake passes through the spa town where the Edo (time period) atmosphere remains, and it makes me feel the hot spring atmosphere.Kusatsu is also used as a relay point for planning a wide range of sightseeing due to the development of Shinkansen and expressway etc.
! Kusatsu good place to come and see you, but please do not hesitate to come again twice or three times.


  • About traffic regulation of Route 292 (Shiga Kusatsu Plateau route)

    Kusatsu Mt. Shirone volcano warning level is level 2 now. The entrance restriction is applied within a radius of 1 km from the kettle pot. Because of this, you can not visit the kettle. However, it is only possible to pass by car between 8 and 17 o'clock. I can not do sightseeing when I stop. Passing of motorcycles and open cars is prohibited. Depending on the weather, you may be suddenly banned.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is the city's decision that places safety first, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



  • You can use WiFi in your room.

    WiFi is now available in rooms as well.
    Wi2_free without password required.
    The environment of the wireless LAN is set up at all places in this facility by this.

    ※Some models may not be available.

  • The date of Grand Open of the new building "炯" has changed.

    The new wing is scheduled to open in summer 2019 due to construction delays.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience to customers looking forward to the completion of the work.
    We hope to be fully open and we look forward to your patience.
  • We received recognition from Japan travel agency!

    Heisei (time period) Japan Travel Agency Customer Accommodation Questionnaire Survey Excellent facility recognition,
    We received a very honorable award, the third largest in the food sector.

    This is because we will continue to further efforts by the encouragement, thank you a Kanemidori future.

    All employees



  • It will open in summer 2019, Kanemidori, Shinkan ", A, Kei, "

    Auberge "炯Kei" by a new concept of hot springs, lodging, restaurants, and trinity opened in the Kusatsu hot springs and Jizo district in the spring of 2019. A hot spring of white cloudy sauce source, a space to care for ticks, a creative full of creative using seasonal ingredients.We will greet you with hospitality with a heartfelt heart so that the time spent here will be a special memory.


  • Sky Link SPOT, (1st floor venue ~ Restaurant·Fresh Green)

    You can use Wi-Fi at the first floor bookstores and Restaurant Shinryoku.

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